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Sage Timberline Accounting: Class 3 Accounts Receivable Workflow

This 2-hour training will demonstrate all of the tasks available in the AR application from cash receipt entries to aging reports. This class is targeted for…

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timberline software

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The exclusive agreement brings the two together to look for ways to enhance the value of Timberline's gold properties and explore mutually beneficial transactions, according to statements released by the companies. Timberline, an advanced stage …

A study in training methods for computer software at Timberline Software (HRM research project)

Price: $ 39.89

Question by andrewbeck75: Are most estimating software laid out the same?
For school I used this software call Costworks, and as I search for jobs it seems like every company is looking for training in certain software, mostly Timberline. So I was wondering, if I knew how to use one, will I be able to use them all. I know there will be some differences and additional tools and what not but do I need to dedicate money/time to one type or will I be fine?

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Great question: In a sense, all estimating software begins with formulas and pre-set data fields, so with limitations – yes many estimating software programs are laid out the same. From there however, most estimating systems, vary greatly and similarities relate to data entry and organization of the data (whether stored in a spreadsheet or professionally designed within a database format.)

While a spreadsheet has its initial ease-of-use it reaches limitations quickly, where a database might require a little more upfront work, its far more superior as usage continues and expands.

Timberline is for the construction industry. If you were looking to identify manufacturing time and cost for making parts, manufacturing processes, or assemblies you might want to consider Costimator.

Since 1982, job shops, contract manufacturers, precisions machining shops, fabricating shops, and other suppliers, as well as, OEMs have been utilizing Costimator — worldwide. There are a variety of different estimating methods included for various reasons, not easy to fully explain in this answer.

At the end of the day, some cost estimating software programs are at best similar. Expand your knowledge and fullfill your answer by getting a demonstration of a few software packages on the market.

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